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One can contains a daily dosage of the Natural Pleasure Elixir. Simply enjoy cold.


Natural Pleasure Drink - OG Pass Holder Only

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Low libido can be a result of various factors such as stress, lack of sleep, and hormonal imbalances.

The Natural Pleasure Drink is a ready-to-drink supplement to support physical and mental aspects of pleasure. Enhanced sexlife with better circulation of your intimate area and reduced stress & anxiety. Having great sex just got easier.

100% natural
Science based ingredients
Fast absorbation
Made in Germany

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One can contains a daily dosage of the Natural Pleasure Elixir. Simply enjoy cold.

Bring your sex life to new heights with an innovative pleasure elixir

Mix and enjoy

Tasteful liquid supplement easy to dissolve and drink.

Only the best

Clean and highly absorbable adaptogens, superfoods & vitamins from nature. Pleasure approved by science.

100% for Women

Unique formula tailored to the women’s body and sexual needs.

How it works

This unique formula of adaptogens, superfoods & vitamins is based on recent scientific studies. It includes powerful ingredients like Yellow Maca,  Korean Red Ginseng, L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine, Avena Sativa Extract and Vitamin D. 

The natural ingredients support your libido and the moisture of your vagina. They also can reduce stress & anxiety. This can result in more pleasure and orgasms.

100% clean pleasure

Our philosophy is 100% clean and natural ingredients. Your body is worth to receive only the best ingredients with a minimal ecological impact.

All products are natural cosmetic compliant and without acrylates, hormones, microplastic, mineral oil and animal testing.

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