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Great sex for life

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We wanna have fun?!

  • Over 50% of women struggle with times of low libido. 
  • Roughly 50% of women don’t expect to orgasm from sex.
  • 80% of heterosexual women fake orgasms half of the time and 25% fake almost all the time.

We deserve great sex and pleasure!

Having amazing, healthy sex can bring many benefits to our body and mind. It can help reduce stress, ease menstrual cramps, make our immune system stronger, and improve how we feel about our body. It also helps to improve sleep, self-esteem and bladder control. Everyone should experience these benefits!

We have to break taboos!

For too long, women's sexual pleasure has been misunderstood and ignored by society. Products disregard the special needs of a woman's body. And talking about it still feels hard, awkward, and embarrassing. As a result women have not been given the chance to educate themselves, experiment and understand their own sexual preferences. To fight this, there must arise a new idea of sexual pleasure for women!

Exclusive and limited society to take your pleasure to the moon.

Unlock a whole new world of pleasure with our digital membership pass. Your pass will give you exclusive access to members-only benefits such as free products & discounts, access to resources & a vivid community as well as voting rights on all new and sexy stuff. 

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Early access to new products and special discounts. 


Info and support to lead you to better sex provided by sex experts.


Community support, events and co-development on what’s next at Female Pleasure Society.

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Benefits of our limited collection of 560 passes

  • 5 years of free quarterly product allowance of the Natural Pleasure Elixir 
  • Lifetime discount of 30% of all current and future products
  • Early access to future products and services
  • Voting rights to actively participate in key business decisions such as new product development, resources, partnerships and more
  • Co-ownership rights to benefit from the overall success of the company (more info to come)

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