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Great sex for life

Scientific and natural products without hormones, microplastic and mineral oils. Developed for the female body, to increase libido and nourish an irritated or dry intimate area.

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Bring your sex life to new heights

Low libido or an irritated intimate area can be a result of various factors such as hormonal imbalance, taking the pill or even stress. The Female Pleasure Society helps with your libido and intimate area to enhance your sexlife. We care, because having amazing & healthy sex can reduce stress, make our immune system stronger and improve sleep. It also strengthens self-confidence and even has a positive impact on our relationships! Get inspired and discover new possibilities for your sex life.

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Our philosophy: 100% clean pleasure

No one wants products full of hormones or microplastics for their most intimate area. But unfortunately, many products out there are not clean!

That's why all our products are 100% clean, based on nature and natural cosmetics compliant. They are free of acrylates, hormones, microplastics, mineral oil and animal testing. And at the same time super friendly for our environment.

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Hi, I am Vanessa the founder of the Female Pleasure Society

For too long, women's sexual pleasure has been misunderstood and ignored by society. Products disregard the special needs of a woman's body. And talking about it still feels hard, awkward, and embarrassing. To fight this, there must arise a new idea of sexual pleasure for women!

That's why we created a sex-positive, community driven and science-backed sexual wellness brand focused on women!

To the moon.

Join our exclusive society to have great sex for life.

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