Welcome to female pleasure soc!ety Welcome to female pleasure soc!ety

Female health & empowerment for an independent, free and self-fulfilling life. Female health & empowerment for an independent, free and self-fulfilling life.

The Female Pleasure Society is a limited NFT collection of 4960 female characters stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to empower women and their sexual freedom. Your NFT will give you an exclusive access to members-only benefits such as free innovative science-backed products, voting rights and other rich long-term utilities.

Celebrate health & pleasure for women! Celebrate health & pleasure for women!

Self-determined sexuality and the right to sexual pleasure are the G-spots of female empowerment and freedom. They are the foundation for an independent, free and self-fulling life.

For centuries, sexual pleasure of women was ignored and misunderstood by society. To fight this, there must arise a new idea of sexual pleasure for women! Yes, sexual pleasure is about having fun… but also so much more!




We truly believe healthy sexuality will grow from a holistic self-care approach and is deeply connected within your mental well-being. Together, we want to strengthen your mood and enable your sexual pleasure by giving you access to a new science-based natural supplement for health, good mood, sexual well-being and pleasure.

To spread our mission of female health globally we will support
organizations and communities that stand with us for championing women rights.

Be part of our journey to start a movement for a new wave of female health & pleasure. Along the way you will gain access to a vivid community with members-only benefits, powerful voting rights as well as long-term utilities

Mood & Sexuality Booster

Mood & Sexuality Booster Mood & Sexuality Booster

Mood & Sexuality Booster

Depression, mood swings, a low libido or not feeling sexually can result from many issues (stress, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalance). In many cases it's a combination of these and other issues. That’s why a holistic self-care approach is essential for female health and unlocking sexual pleasure.

Our new science-backed, natural mood and sexual health supplement will help to increase sexual desire and mental well-being. As a result, your mood will be boosted and your sex drive increases. The female health complex is formulated with powerful adaptogens, superfoods and vitamins to strengthen your sexual health and wellbeing. Furthermore, the innovative liquid formula is highly absorbable with no added sugar and is free of artificial flavors & colors.

Roadmap 0.0

First 1,000 community members in our Discord have the opportunity to claim a free healthy mood & sexuality supplement Trial package. Post a photo with your favorite taste in our Discord and on Twitter and you'll earn a Whitelist spot! This will help us finalizing product development with the best possible experience for you.

Roadmap 1.0

20% Minted

Raffle of 16 high class
sex toys

40% Minted

Exclusive live sessions
with a professional sex/life coach for every NFT holder

60% Minted

Donation of 10 ETH to a
community voted charity

80% Minted

48 free merchandise packages airdrops

100% Minted

Immediate launch of Roadmap
2.0 (see below)

Roadmap 2.0

Exclusive access to our web shop
to claim your products once the mint is closed

Establishment of a success participation scheme
for all NFT holder once the mint is closed

Further development of the female pleasure
society brand and company together with the NFT community

Opening of web shop to public

Strengthening our mission for female health
and empowerment by developing further FemCare products

Deeper connection of our female health brand with the web3
to create a new and unique experience

Your Benefits Your Benefits

  • 4960 unique high quality NFT collectables with ownership rights

  • Promote female and sexual empowerment

  • Community first with real DAO ideas

  • Real long-term Utilities

Team Team




Hi FemSociety, my name is Vanessa and I am the founder of the Female Pleasure Society. I am from Germany and not new to the entrepreneurial spirit but totally new to the NFT Space.

Today I want to enable women to be themselves every day – especially when they struggle with their hormonal imbalance. That is why I started the Female Pleasure Society. 💖




Hey there! My name is Chantalle, Graphic Designer, Art Director and Lead Artist of this gorgeous NFT collection. 🎨 When I got asked to join this project I immediately fell in love with the fact that we combine female pleasure, empowerment and NFT art. I’m pleased to give the female pleasure society the look it deserves: powerful, loud, playful and full of joy.



Co-Founder & Advisor

GM! My name is Cornelius! By day I am the Investment Director of a German family investor. By night I am super fascinated about ESG and digitalization trends that shape our world in which we live in. 🌍 In my point of view the combination of the NFT technology & community approach with an innovative consumer product is unique, promising, great, exciting, cool, fun... Let’s shape the world for women together - to be strong, confident and happy!



Co-Founder & Strategy

I´m Holger, a Nuclear Phycisist, Serial Entrepreneur in Tech and Beauty and a father of 5. 🚀 I love to create new ventures and I support the FPS team in strategy and financial topics. I´m more than excited to be a part of this very cool project that does not only offer incredible art but supports a great cause and sets a new standard for NFT projects with rich and unseen utilities.



Marketing Manager

Hello, everyone, who is interested in our project! My name is Anastasiia and I am a member of the marketing team. I have been working on IT projects to help companies find the best designers and developers.

Female Pleasure Society is something incredibly exciting and new in the NFT space.

It is a great pleasure for me to help spread the word about our mission, our art, female health & pleasure as well as path the way for women in web3.



Marketing Manager

Hello my name is Christina. I gained experience in working as a lead generation manager where I was looking for entrepreneurs who might be interested in family businesses. Now I’m a marketing & community manager for Female Pleasure Society and it’s an honour for me to work with a female-led project. I am a firm believer of empowering women and my aim is to spread our mission globally. 🤩



Sexual Advisor

My name is Paula and I have the honor of being the Sexual Advisor for the Female Pleasure Society! I am a certified Sex Therapist and Instructor, so my days are spent working with individuals and relationships navigating sexual struggles, or mentoring therapists who are looking to become sex therapists themselves. 🛏️ I believe that providing conversation and information about sex and sexuality is profoundly healing and that sexual pleasure is a radical act of self love that we all deserve to experience much more of!



Scientific Advisor

Hey there! My name is Lisa, I’m a trained biochemist, hold a PhD in molecular biology and have worked in immune-oncology and human genetics in the last years. 🔬 I am grateful and more than happy to get to share all the knowledge that I gained during my personal journey as well as during my studies with the community and support women in living their best life in a healthy, well-balanced body that they feel at home in.



Metaverse & NFT-Advisor

Hi, my name is Max and I help to advise FPS in all things NFTs & crypto. When Vanessa asked me if I would like to join the project, I didn’t have to think twice – focusing on the importance of female empowerment by creating real utility just feels like the right thing to do. I’m pleased to bring in my knowledge for FPS - hoping that we can create a voice for female sexual empowerment and introduce more women to the NFT space. 💪



Marketing & Strategic Advisor

My name is Anita and I am CEO of Blind Boxes and an advisor to multiple Defi and NFT projects. I am a Futurist, gadget lover, and Native New Yorker with an MBA from Yale and a biomedical engineering degree from Columbia. I love sharing my knowledge and experience in that space with the whole team of FPS. 💚

Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions

What is the Female Pleasure Society?

The Female Pleasure Society (FPS) is a limited NFT collection of 4960 female characters stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to empower women and their sexual freedom. Your NFT will give you an exclusive access to members-only benefits such as free innovative science-backed products, voting rights and other rich long-term utility.

How were FPS NFTs generated?

Each Woman was programmatically generated from almost 300 hand-drawn traits.

How do I get an NFT

As soon as the collection is live, you can mint them directly from our website. Once sold out, they can be purchased on the secondary markets, like OpenSea.

Why to own an FPS NFT?

You will own one of 4960 unique high quality NFT collectables with ownership rights (own complete IP rights to the character). With the NFT will come access to a vivid community with strong voting rights to empower women and free sexuality. On top of this you get the new science-backed, natural sexual health supplement for free and have the opportunity to participate in the success of the project (dividend payments and exit proceeds).

What about charities?

We will donate 20% of all royalties to community voted charities

How can I contact the team?

You can DM us directly on our Socials or write an email to hello@femalepleasuresociety.io

I want to help, what can I do?

Spreading the word about our mission on Twitter & Discord is already a lot. But if you fell like doing more, feel free to reach out to us in DM or by email

How does the NFT Cosmos work?

Here you find an article written by our Founder Vanessa explaining almost everything about the NFT Kosmos!